BoundingDiameters algorithm implemented in Python NetworkX

In 2011, I devised together with colleague Walter Kosters a new algorithm to efficiently compute the diameter (and radius, core and periphery) of small world networks. It has been available for reuse for a few years as part of the teexGraph package, and I am happy to see that this algorithm is now also part of the master branch of the latest version of NetworkX, an extensive and frequently used Python package for network analysis. Happy computing!


Network Science conferences

Recently, I made a list of interesting conferences to attend given my interest in network science from a computational point of view, with applications in computational social science, finance and economics. Below is a list.

  • International Conference on Complex Networks and Applications (CNA)
  • International Conference on Complex Networks (CompleNet)
  • SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS)
  • Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)
  • NetSci
  • NetSciX
  • International Workshop on Social Network Analysis (ARS)
  • International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo)
  • International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)
  • INSNA International Conference on Social Network Analysis (Sunbelt)
  • North American Social Networks Conference (NASN)
  • European Conference  on Social Network Analysis (EUSN)

Any suggestions? Let me know!

Symposium: Role of the Netherlands in offshore finance

With the UvA CORPENT group we are organzing a mini-symposium for academics, journalists and ngo’s at SPUI25 in Amsterdam. The event relates to our recent work on corporate ownership networks in which we found that the Netherlands is the largest foreign investment conduit in the world, i.e., the Netherlands is used by multinationals to invest in other countries, and to transfer profits across their corporate structures. Registration is required.