AlphaGo movie screening on March 8

On March 8, there will be an exclusive movie screening of the award-winning documentary AlphaGo. The program starts at 15:30 in lecture room 1 of the Science Campus (Gorlaeus Building, Einsteinweg 55, Leiden). The movie is made available to LIACS by Google, and apart from (Alpha)Go, provides relevant insight in innovative new techniques in Artificial Intelligence such as Deep Learning. The movie is followed by a Q&A session with colleague and AI expert Holger Hoos, as well as some drinks and snacks. Register here (free)

New project: Data-Driven Risk Assesment in Infrastructure Networks

A new 4-year project together with the inspectorate of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water will focus on new data-driven methods for risk assessment, with the aim to for example better coordinate inspection efforts. As part of this project, PhD students Antonio Barata and Gerrit-Jan de Bruin will work at LIACS on data of amongst other things (networks of) water transportation and vehicle movement. Welcome Antonio and Gerrit-Jan!

NLeSC Young eScientist award 2017

During the yearly Netherlands eScience symposium in Amsterdam, I was awarded the 2017 Young eScientist award for my eScience-related research with amongst others the Dutch National Police, but primarily the research done within our CORPNET group at the University of Amsterdam. Following up on our recently published work on offshore finance, the awarded grant will allow us to further this direction of research, including several options for dissemination through an online interactive platform facilitating data exchange and visualization.


New paper on identifying Offshore Financial Centers using Network Science

Our paper on a new data-driven network-based method to identify offshore financial centers is out in Scientific Reports. Using a dataset consisting of over 70 million ownership relations between firms across the world, we identify countries that are disproportionately involved as sinks and conduits of value in the global corporate ownership network. The research sheds light on topics such as tax evasion, providing the most fine-grained insight in offshore finance to date. Also see the related article in The Guardian as well as Tweede Kamer (dutch parliament) questions and the ministry’s answers. Full reference:

J. Garcia-Bernardo, J. Fichtner, F.W. Takes, E.M. Heemskerk: Uncovering Offshore Financial Centers: Conduits and Sinks in the Global Corporate Ownership Network. In: Scientific Reports, 7 , pp. 6246, 2017.